Thursday, April 1, 2010

Accessories for the Maclaren Techno XT

Maclaren Techno XT is quite similar in appearance to the Juicy Couture Buggy which is, as you probably already know, the king of all Maclaren buggies. There is a resemblance between the two models not only in terms of dimensions but also in construction and design. And really, the XT makes a decent on-road oriented adventure stroller. And several umbrella stroller accessories will help it immensely in this role.

Accessories that offer extra storage solutions will help you be able to carry addition items with you when strolling. So, first and foremost, the XT needs more storage space. Numerous options are available, from MacSac to a Carry Bag.

Their first storage solution is called the Maclaren MacSac. Basically it is a backpack, which can be used as a sort of a diaper bag and, just like most diaper bags, it features side pockets. Also, it comes with a zip-out change mat. That way you get a diaper bag and just hang it on the stroller. So, you can say it is a hands-free carrying system. Although, you know that your hands will never be free when strolling. Just like all of their accessories this one is especially made to fit their line of strollers. It is really nice and sporty looking like. The advantage of a backpack like this one is that it is spacious enough to keep baby essentials.

Universal Organizer is an accessory available only for the US market (unfortunately). However, even Maclaren says it is a must have organizer for your and your baby’s outdoor essentials. It can also fit two bottles. You can install it to the stroller using the Velcro straps. It comes in several colors and you can choose from a single or a twin stroller size.

Carry Bag is something you really need. It will help you carry your stroller plus accessories. It is manufactured out of long-lasting nylon fabric. It features a carry handles and wheels, so you no longer have to carry a heavy pack after a long days ride. Furthermore, if you have twins you will be pleased to know that it is available in twin size.

Of course, there are many other accessories and below are some of them.

Rain-cover is a must! It will keep your little one from the elements. It installs safely and quickly plus it folds into a nice small package, so it stores quite easily.

Sun Parasol looks cute and is very useful. It is available in perfectly coordinating colors. Therefore, you can create looks that suit your personal style.

Wheel Bag is an accessory I strongly recommend. With it you can cover the front wheels once your stroller is collapsed, keeping the canopy protected from soiled wheels. When not in use it stores quite nicely in a string pouch.

The Techno XT is all nice and padded. However, you can opt for additional Comfort Packs, i.e. a head rest and shoulder pads.

Mosquito Net is important as well. Basically, it provides a bug proof enclosure.

Reversible Baby Blanket features comfortable fleece on one side and ultra suede on the other. Keeps the baby warm and plus it allows you to express your individuality.

Last but not the least come the Reversible Liners. Sure your stroller seat is impressive, but pimped out seats will increase the individuality of your buggy. So, wait no more and get the Reversible Liners.

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