Friday, March 26, 2010

Footmuffs for the Maclaren Techno XT Buggy

Many reasons can be attributed to the sudden success of the Maclaren Techno XT Buggy. First of all, XT is preferred by young parents because it is lighter when compared to its counterparts out there in the marketplace. Furthermore, you get to enjoy the nature and fresh air while strolling towards the destination plus parking (thanks to foot-operated linked parking brakes) or storage (thanks to compact fold) of the stroller wouldn’t be that much of a trouble. Most importantly, all round suspension adds to the smoothness of the ride.

However, the thrill of using the Techno XT doesn’t stop here. You’re free to customize the stroller, just like some women customize their clothes for comfort and individuality. Other than adding designs such as reversible liners you may as well opt to add foot muffs to your stroller.

Below is a list of foot muffs to help make your XT be more comfy.

First on the list is the Footmuff Universal Packaway. This accessory is meant for virtually all of their strollers providing truly luxurious padding for entire length of the stroller seat. Needless to say, it will keep your baby warm and cozy. When not needed, it folds neatly into a small pouch. But when it is cold, it can be pulled out, slipped onto stroller for amazing warmth. It is quite lightweight, so it is easy for you to carry it. It is easy to install, even if you don't have any experience.

Second on our list is the Deluxe Footmuff. As the name says, it is truly a deluxe in every way. It is designed specially for their line of strollers, so that the child can enjoy the deluxe lifestyle, i.e. coziness and comfort. It comes with. It includes faux fur lining and, just like any Maclaren Footmuff, provides comfortable padding for entire length of stroller seat. It is very easy to put on and will fit all strollers from their line.

Next comes the Universal Footmuff. This one is my personal favorite because it features a zip-off front panel. This feature enables easy and quick access to your precious child. Of course, it is very easy to install and gives extra padding for entire length of seat. Although you can use it with some other stroller brands it is developed for Maclaren models. Before using it with some other stroller brand consult the safety instructions manual. What’s new about it is that now it can be found in coffee brown color. It has microfiber fleece lining

And last, but definitely not the least comes the famous Techno XT Footmuff. This foot muff is especially designed for the XT stroller. However, it doesn’t fit the Twin Techno Stroller, unfortunately. It has similar features to the Universal Footmuff such as the zip-off front panel for quick access to the child. And just like all foot muffs it will keep your little one nice and warm. You can choose from two color combinations, black and charcoal.

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