Sunday, April 4, 2010

Maclaren Techno XT vs. Quest Buggy

- Carrying Capacity
The Quest is the medium-sized and probably the most popular strollers on the marketplace today. And this is no wonder because it offers more options compared to its main rivals. It weighs 12.1 pounds, but still just like all Maclarn Strollers it has a carrying capacity of 55 pounds (which is about a 4th grader)! It features a 4 seat recline system, so it is suitable for the newborn (the recommended age is over 3 months). And because the quality is great it is really going to grow with your child and you are going to get a lot of use out of it. The Maclaren Techno XT can as well accommodate newborn (and obviously) all the way up to 55 pounds. So, when it comes to carrying capacity it’s a draw.

- Seat
The XT is the absolute winner in this field. It has a very large seat. The seat is 13 inches wide and the seatback measures 18 inches. This might seam a bit short, however it has a seatback to canopy measurement of amazing 26 inches. That is a really tall child plus if you have an extra tall child the canopy virtually slides up the aluminum frame and you can push it all the way to give you great 30 inches from seatback all the way up to canopy. Really, your child is not going to outgrow this seat. However, the seat on the Quest is quite comfy for the baby plus it can be easily removed for cleaning.

- Harness
They both have great harness system so I guess it's a draw when it comes to it. They both feature a five point harness. These safety belt systems are really going to keep the baby in place. Plus they feature a buckle that is easy for you to do, however impossible for your little rascal. Basically, what you need to do is to press front and rear button in order to release it. So, the baby has no other choice but to stay in a seat.

- Leg rest
There are no winners in this category. They both have a leg rest which is adjustable. There are a couple of positions for the maximum comfort of the baby.

- Recline
The situation is equally bad when it comes to recline system. Basically, they both feature a two hand recline, so it is not as easy as a one hand recline.

- Storage
Now the XT has a slight advantage in this area. It has a two quite large storage pockets on the back of the canopy which is great. These pockets are nice & long so they are perfect for the (included) rain-cover or you can use them to fit bottles and some baby essentials. Although I do not recommend you use them for your cell phone and wallet because you will not be able to reach them easily. Underneath is a medium sized basket which is same for both models. And I must notice that it is a quite large basket for an umbrella stroller.

So it’s possible that the Techno XT has a slight advantage in this comparison. But you are the final judge.


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