Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Maclaren Techno XT– Full Protection For Your Baby

The Maclaren Techno XT is a full size, packed with features stroller. Many moms love their travel systems. And this stroller is a great option for this. It has a lot of features that are baby friendly as well as mom friendly. What you’ll find is that this system is actually suitable for newborn all the way up to approximately 4 years of age.

Techno XT has a nice canopy. First it has the sun visor that comes down to shade your children even more. So, we have the UV protection on the front and also on the top. It has a window for peaking for moms. And a nice feature is that is folds all the way down to the baby tray to protect your baby from the elements.

The seat is roomy for a small child or a large child. A tall 3-year old clears the canopy with room to spare. So, you are going to get a lot of use out of this. It has a 5 point padded harness that is adjustable. Also, it has around 55 pound weight limits and as you will notice there is a lot of room on both sides.

The rain cover fits over the edge of the hood and it locks on to the position on clips that you have on the top and also at the bottom of your pushchair. If you are out in the rain and you are going into stores rather than taking the whole thing off I would advise you to just undo the bottom part, roll it up and than you can roll it back into your hood. It keeps it well out of the way and ready for when you are ready to go back outside into the elements again.

This stroller is very newborn friendly. It has a completely flat recline. And if you snap the foot rest it becomes an infant bed for your newborn. Also, it has four recline positions that are very easy to do one handed with just the lift of the lever.

It has adjustable handles. You simply squeeze buttons and it actually lifts the handles up. So, if you got a taller partner or if you are quite tall yourself Maclaren Techno XT will accommodate that.

On the back of the hood it has a large storage pocket and also a little net pocket on the back as well to store your mobile, keys or whatever it is that you want to store away. On the hood itself you actually have a clear view look through. And you also have the fluorescence stripe on the top.

The basket is gigantic. You can put a large diaper bag into it and you will still have plenty of room to spare. So, you can probably put two diaper bags if you need to. And it has a great spring loaded feature that if the seat is all the way reclined you can still access the basket easily.

The Maclaren Techno XT weighs in 14.2 pounds. And as you already know all of the travel systems are big and heavy. But this pushchair is both lightweight and compact as well as sturdy.

This Maclaren Stroller maneuvers easily with two hands. Since it is so heavy like all travel systems one handed you will have to use a lot more muscle power. It has around 6.5 inch front tires and as well 6.5 inch rear tires which are great.

This stroller has an incredibly easy fold. It’s one handed system. There is no bending for moms or dads what so ever. Unfolding a stroller is just as easy to do. And you also have a carrying handle for convenience.

So, it is a full sized stroller as part of a travel system but is not heavy and bulky. And you are going to be thrilled whit this in and out of your trunk. Just make sure that you know your trunk size and the size of your stroller before purchasing it. But for an SUV it is no problem.

Overall, it’s large canopy, sun visor, gigantic basket, flat recline and easy fold and unfold make this stroller a great choice. I give it five stars.

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